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An Interview by Steve Brossman from the Social Marketing TV Channel in  November 2009 on Social Media for business and the some of the emerging trends and facts and figures and the growing importance of online video for improving your SEO and getting found online.

In this next video I look at what are the Top 5 Social Media channels and the some of the interesting facts and figures that will give you some insight in to how these platforms can assist you in pulling customers to you by engaging with your customers through these new channels and marketing mediums. Content  and  Permission Marketing are new paradigms of digital marketing  is about getting customers to engage with you when it suits them and to start having conversations with them via blogs, forums, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter YouTube and other types of Social Media that eventually leads to them being pulled to you. By providing unique and valuable content on these new channels you can assist customers find solutions to their business problems or pain points that can also position you and your company as thought leaders in your industry or niche.

In this I cover the importance  of a blog and how along with your website is the foundation or “HomeBase” for your content in all its forms such as text, video, images, podcasts, webinars and even presentations that provide the substance to complement your social media strategy that will be read for years and will get people coming back again and again to read and absorb.
A Blog with your brands own domain name you own and control, sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn  and Facebook are outposts (places that are not owned by you but that you can operate from under “their” terms of service)that you place your content on, as appropriate for that channel.

Social Media Marketing has emerged in the last 12 months as an essential part of your Marketing Tool Kit and a good business blog is a key cornerstone of your marketing assets. This video looks at 10 essential elements of a business blog and why they are important.

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