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Tips, Tricks and Insights To Take Your Blog To The Next Level

July 13, 2010

The humble blog has developed from small beginnings to become a multi-media rich social media technology platform for personal branding, corporate thought leadership, an outlet for people’s  Tips Tricks and Insights To Take Your Blog To The Next Levelhobbies, passions and personal interests and multi-million dollar business enterprises. Blogging is also transforming publishing and it is a great source of income for many bloggers who have discovered that passion and hard work pays!

There are blogs like Huffington Post, Techcrunch and Mashable that  have taken online digital publishing to another level whereas traditional media research shows numbers revealing that 24 of the top 25 newspapers in the US are declining in readership and revenue.

Blogs were initially very text based so common knowledge  deemed that if you can’t write you can’t blog but online personalities like Gary Vaynerchuk has shown that the video blog can be just as effective with his video blog driving his family wine business from $4 million annual revenue to $45 million is just 3 years.

So if you are wanting to optimize your blog and maybe even make some money here are some blog posts that may give you some inspiration to fuel your creativity and motivation.

1. 22 Secrets Of Power Bloggers

2. 50 Ways To Optimize Your Blog

3. 12 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

4. Blogging For Dummies – An Opportunity For Personal Branding

5. 7 Success Secrets Of The World’s Largest Blog

6. 20 Reasons Why You Should Blog Before You Twitter

7. How Did A Blog Reach 2.6 Million Followers?

8. 10 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog Without Selling Your Soul?

9. 29 Reasons Why You Should be Blogging and Not Watching Television

10. Is Blogging The Future Of Publishing?

Have you taken your blog to the next level or are you still thinking about it?

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  1. July 13, 2010 11:34 pm

    What a great blog SOOOO MUCH Information… I know what I will be doing this weekend going through ALL your links. I do want to go to the next level. Thankyou for giving me a step ladder to start. RICH ;0)


  1. Storytelling Social Media Marketing PR Business & Technology Curated Stories July 13, 2010

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